Grad Student FAQs

Are there any social events/clubs for grad students?

Ed Psych has an active Graduate Students’ Association, and is in charge of organizing social events throughout the year. If you have any questions or suggestions for them, please contact them at Dates and details of specific events will be posted throughout the department during the year, and you will also receive an email through the EDPY grad student listserv for each event. For information regarding university-wide clubs and activities check out the Graduate Student Association website.

Is there an EDPY grad student lounge?

Yes. The grad lounge is located in 6-143. There are several open-concept rooms provided. There is also a room with a boardroom table for meetings, and several sitting areas. In this area you will also find microwaves and a fridge. The cleanliness of these areas is the responsibility of the grad students.

What is my ONEcard and where do I get it?

The ONEcard serves as your student identification card, your library card, your copy card, and may even serve as your building/room access card. For students who are new to the U of A, you must attend Orientation to pick up your ONEcard. Failure to obtain your ONEcard at Orientation will result in delays accessing many university services. You must present photo identification (driver’s license or passport) and a validation sticker you should have received in the mail after registration. Students requiring replacement ONEcards prior to the start of class can obtain their card at the Butterdome during orientation. The regular ONEcard office will not be open during these times. For more information on the ONEcard, visit ONEcard.

Where are the grad student mailboxes?

The grad student mailboxes are located in the Graduate Resource Room in 6-143 Ed N as well as in the Clinic, 1-135 Ed N. It is very important that you continually check your mailbox throughout the year as many important letters and notices are placed there.

Where can I find information on scholarships and funding for my degree?

There are many options to help you financially while you complete your degree.


Many scholarships and awards are available through FGSR. There are several recruitment awards, which are given to students when they enter the program, and which you do not apply. There are also the FGSR general awards, which you must apply for, and which require some time and effort. However, there are many different awards given out, and so it is highly recommended that you apply! Applications are due early in the fall term.

A variety of GSA awards are also available for both students & teachers. Please check out their website for a list of the awards & application criteria:

Loan, bursaries, and emergency funding are also available through the U of A. For more information see: FGSR


There are many external scholarships and awards that are available to you. The most popular are SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) and CIHR. You are strongly encouraged to apply for a SSHRC (or CIHR depending on the nature of your thesis/dissertation). These applications are typically due the first week in October so it is essential that you begin work on them as soon as possible. For more information see: SSHRC.

Some tips: There are some great SSHRC workshops available through the department & faculty. Be sure to take advantage of these events! Also, our department keeps a list of past SSHRC & CIHR proposals. If you’d like an example, please see the Graduate Records Administrator in 6-101 Education North, or email

Where can I park?

There is no free parking on campus between 7am and 10pm seven days a week. Sales of parking spots for the winter session usually begin sometime in April. Parking spaces available for students will be sold on a first-come/first-served basis for as long as quantities last. For more information, phone Parking Services at (780) 492-7275, email them at, or visit Parking Services.

Can I forward my U of A email to another email address?

Yes, you can. Go to: then before you sign into webmail click on “Profile Manager”, which is located in the lower left hand side. This will allow you to set up email forwarding and manage your webmail.

Do all EDPY grad students get an office?

Offices are generally assigned to 2nd year Master’s students and above and to those students who hold an RA or TA position in the department. There are typically 3 students per office with Internet access in each office.

Generally, those students who do not receive an office will be assigned a locker. The lockers are found in the grad lounge in 6-145.

Office renewals and application take place every Summer term. You will have to submit a renewal request to renew, or an application request to apply. You will be contacted with these forms via the grad student list serv.

How can I get connected with the Internet?

Visit the following website, which contains all information and directions regarding connecting to the Internet with a laptop while on campus: In order to connect using a computer at the university you will need to first authenticate. You do this by putting in your CCID and password.

How can I get funding for presenting at a conference?

There are several steps that you must go through in order to apply for travel funding. First you must apply to FGSR ( no sooner than 6 weeks prior to your travel. Then you can apply to the Faculty of Education, and then to the department of Educational Psychology ( You can also apply for travel funding through the GSA. For each step there are forms and letters that you must complete so be sure to have everything completed in advance. NB: PhD students can only apply after their oral candidacy examination has been completed.

From all sources combined, you may get approximately $1000 to use towards your travel expenses. Funding is, however, limited, and based on a first-come, first-served principle. So, it is highly recommended that you apply as soon as possible.

Funding is also available through the Graduate Student Association’s Professional Development Grant program. Master’s students can receive up to 500$ & Doctoral students can receive up to $800. For more information, visit

How do I set up an independent studies/ directed reading course?

You must first talk to your academic advisor or supervisor about the possibility of taking a directed readings class (independent studies class) to make sure that you can fit this into your program plan, and that you will meet all degree requirements. You then have to find a professor willing to set up a direct readings course with you.

How many times may I apply for travel funding?

With FGSR, students may apply for travel funding once per degree (i.e. once to present your Masters thesis and once to present your PhD dissertation).

With the GSA PDG program, students can apply as many times as they like until the maximum dollar amount has been achieved.


I want to be a school psychologist, registered with my provincial college. Which EDPY program should I choose?

Because each province has an independent College of Psychologists, with different requirements for registration, you MUST be familiar with the policies in the province you intend to practice in. That said, the School and Clinical Child Psychology program is the program that best fits current standards for the training of school psychologists. Students in this program typically have undergraduate degrees in either Education or Psychology, and depending on previous coursework, usually have to take a number of additional courses to meet provincial registration requirements. For more information go to our Graduate Programs page; (College of Alberta Psychologists)

I want to register as a psychologist. Which EDPY programs prepare me for this?

There are several options. Both the Counselling Psychology and School and Clinical Child Psychology programs are designed for individuals who want to become registered psychologists. For more information see the College of Alberta Psychologists website (